$DOWN Vault Token ( $DOWN ) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain which represents proportional ownership over an ERC-721 NFT; deployed via the Fractional.Art protocol.

No central company, organization, or person(s) has direct control over the use, exchange, or transfer of $DOWN, and it cannot be destroyed, seized, or replicated due to the immutable nature of smart-contract code on the Ethereum blockchain network. All owner's of any quantity of $DOWN are entitled to participate in the governance, adoption, and future development of the experiment.

$DOWN has a soft-cap of 10,000,000 tokens; with a 1% per year fixed inflation rate, paid to its creator (BruceTheGoose) as a "curator's fee". The token is natively deployed on Ethereum mainnet, but is functionally multi-chain, utilizing Chainport.app, with a single shared supply, currently shared between Ethereum, and Polygon, with plans to expand to BSC, Fantom, and other networks based on demand and functionality. 

Approximately 75% of the token supply will be vested linearly over a span of 2 years; to prevent hyperinflation and excessive sell pressure, with buy pressure and diamond hands' holders enjoying the benefit of the token's extensive utilities.  More details are available in the technical whitepaper.


Emblem Vault NFT: 

0x82C7a8f707110f5FBb16184A5933E9F78a34c6ab: 7543251

Emblem Vault Public Key (All EVM Chains) :

Fractional Vault (NFT is held in the contract) :

$DOWN Token Address:

Fuse: 0x3b6b2506cf395655DBa4990e2FD75B5Cc523d2e8
Polygon:  0xa584484f422bFC2128566f8f954b7f2E31e94cC8

$DOWN DAO Multisig: 

ETH -